Helpdesk Ticketing System

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Streamline your customer service with the most scalable helpdesk ticketing system

“In today’s world, businesses have to be available on multiple communication channels and have to manage customer experience to gain and retain clients.Tracking customer service tickets is tedious; our solutions help your agents work on them seamlessly. Fully customized to meet client needs, the helpdesk solution manages the entire flow from ticket generation to post solution notifications. You will certainly get your customer experience on point with our helpdesk solutions.

The fully customized ticketing solution is a great way to enhance your client servicing and be ahead of your competitors.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction through our Helpdesk Solution
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Increase in helpdesk agent productivity
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Streamline your customer service with the most scalable helpdesk ticketing system

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What makes our helpdesk ticketing solution the ideal one?

Elision’s customizable ticketing system has been a boon in uplifting the customer perception and staff productivity of our clients. A new age smart solution which is completely apt for fulfilling all the helpdesk needs.

GMDA Smart City Increased Citizen Experience up to 97.25%
Ganesh Housing Optimized Workforce & Enhanced their Lead Conversion by 96.78%

Our helpdesk solutions have produced excellent results for our clients. Read all our case studies to know more about them.


The Only Helpdesk Solutions That You Will Ever Need

Elisions Helpdesk Solution is not another run-of-the-mill software; it is a complete solution to the needs of your support center.

After being in the industry for 15+ years, we know exactly what it needs to create a seamless helpdesk software solution. And in case you need more customizations, we are always there for you.

Why Invest in a Helpdesk Ticketing System?

Helping you serve your customer in an optimized fashion to create an awesome experience is the most important KPI to achieve. Customers sit at the peak of every business activity today. The better you will serve them; the more your brand will progress. A reputed, trustworthy, and scalable help desk ticketing system is the best asset to invest in to make a great leap up to your customer service game. Our ticketing system also helps the management be on top of their game by allowing executives to do a top-level analysis of agent performance in specific and process performances in general. Elision’s Helpdesk solutions are fully customizable to serve you with your distinct needs. Here’s how various organizations can use our solutions.

Helpdesk solution for Government

We provide an easy-to-use, efficient, cost-effective solution that helps government organizations provide excellent customer support services. What makes governments of various countries choose our helpdesk solution:

Key Benefits

Helpdesk solution for Enterprises

Our helpdesk solution empowers organizations to become self-sufficient to streamline their communication, collaboration, and competence to scale up your organization while keeping costs down. Look what makes our solution the best one:

Key Benefits

How Elision is Bringing a Difference to Helpdesk Ticketing System

How Elision is Bringing a Difference to Helpdesk Ticketing System

We empower organizations to create a seamless experience for their customers. We provide an omnichannel communications solution that equips you to be far ahead of the league. With us on your back, you will only get better.

Omni Channel Support

Delight your customers with insanely good support by enabling them to raise tickets through the channels they prefer— call center, IVR, email, chat, web forms, and more. Empower your agents to efficiently manage customer tickets and streamline customer experience across all channels with our unified helpdesk ticketing solution.

Smarter solution

Moving tickets through the system becomes quick and easy with our helpdesk solution, with priority automatically assigned to the helpdesk based on source or subject. Get the most important tickets done first by automatically assigning them to a specific group of agents and automating reminders before the SLAs are breached.

Performant Agents

Automations in our helpdesk solution help your agents clear bottlenecks, focus on the assigned tickets, and address multiple tickets simultaneously. Boost their productivity and performance by adding quests, gamification, and scoring based on their level of customer satisfaction delivered.

Error Free Operations

With our pre-set automation to help you send notifications and allocations, we decrease the chances of human error and improve your brand perception. Reduce agent errors directly affecting CSAT growth with our intelligent helpdesk ticketing solution.

Track, Analyze, and Control

Our helpdesk solution has a centralized knowledge panel that helps managers and leaders track and analyze the representatives’ performance. With the allowance of putting in personal notes and adding custom fields, you will be able to control the processes in line with your company ethos and goals.

Simplify Service Related Tasks

Our solutions simplify tasks related to SLAs, such as creating automated escalations, setting up notifications and alerts, configuring reminders, and tracking tickets. With that, you can also generate custom reports to improve customer experience and internal processes.

Frequently Asked

Major commonly asked questions by Helpdesk Ticketing system users, are answered for you.
f you are concerned about providing a seamless customer experience, the first thing that you need to invest in is a working, scalable helpdesk solution. A helpdesk solution helps both your clients and reps stay satisfied.
Absolutely! Our software has all the qualities of a good incident management system. Predominantly used in the IT industry, an incident management system helps identify, understand, and fix IT-related issues.
We believe that it is not just a good grievance management system but a great one. Our system is known to be robust, secure, and fully customizable. Countless clients who have used our products as a grievance management system have good things to say about our product. And that speaks volumes about it.
A ticketing solution should be employed as soon as possible by any company. Many companies opt for such a solution very late, and thus they have a lot of issues managing their customer issues. So, adapting a ticketing solution is good to be adopted right at the onset.

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