Sober Living in Massachusetts

Testimonials are available on our site, and we are happy to connect you with families and past clients who can share their experience with you. We take privacy seriously, and client information is not shared with any outside sources, except those affiliated with treatment, or which the client otherwise requests. Monthly fees at Tharros include food for all meals and snacks, transportation by our team in commercially insured SUVs, all activities, Tharros groups, and peer mentoring support. We make suggestions and provide support and accountability, but you decide what works for you. Some treatment facilities provide care for 30, 60 or 90+ days. If you’ve completed a program like this, you’re probably feeling very good about your recovery, as you should.

Ask the Community

When I made a choice, it was my choice, and what I learned in the following months taught me how to make good choices for myself. My house manager, Joe, told me “I can’t get sober for you dude. This is your journey… I’m just here to help you find your way”. Joe would quickly become a mentor and friend, offering much needed advice about everything from work to women. I made many friends that year, some who are still close to me today.

  1. A sober living home creates fellowship and community that can help you get back to a life where you are happy and fulfilled.
  2. In psychoanalysis, from the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis.
  3. I am honored to be able to observe their personal development.
  4. Maybe a friend or family member is suggesting sober housing as an alternative to living at home.
  5. All New Beginning Recovery and Teras House clients are provided peer case management to ensure that they are given every opportunity to maximize their early recovery.

The Reality of Sober Living

In the Tharros kitchen with “my guys” I get to witness what is possible. I am honored to be able to observe their personal development. I see stiff bodies, hunched shoulders, reluctance, doubt and vacant stares, at first. Then I see vulnerability, acquiescence and participation. I feel the group’s energy …one “I’ll try it’ leads to another courageous “I’ll do it”.

Boston Area Structured and Supportive Sober Living- Starting at $3500 per month (Mens)

At Tharros, we offer semi-private to fully private ensuite accommodation. Every guest room is well appointed, comfortable, and quiet. New Beginning Recovery is a private peer program which is not affiliated with any state or federal offerings.

The Saturday group activities vary butmay include participating in an escape room, riding Go-karts, or even sailing.There are also many other activities that the residents at New Beginning Recoverypartake in. Events like a weekly BBQ for residents, yoga classes, and ping pongtournaments. These activities help the residents of the New Beginning Recovery buildstrong, lasting bonds with one another, as well as improve their health throughnutrition and exercise.

Clinical resources are discussed on an individual basis and every referral is done in the best interest of the individual client. On my first night of teaching cooking, in the Tharros kitchen, a home for recovering addicts, one of the guys blurted out “Are you gonna be comfortable working with 8 addicts? ”…My quick retort was “Yes, I am very much at home in a kitchen…

There is also a Sunday evening meeting each week at 6 PM thatthe residents of New Beginning Recovery are asked to attend. Melissa provides New Beginning Recovery with evidence-based intervention strategies, including empirically supported practices for substance use disorder (SUD). More specifically, she offers didactic training and psychoeducation among the Tharros Team Members. She has hosted field experts in motivational interviewing (MI) to provide team member training and continuously seeks ways to provide education and support among the New Beginning Recovery team. New Beginning Recovery also encourages its residents to participatein the weekly Saturday group activity.

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